Teresa Vilaseca


After getting her M.F.A. in Film Production from Boston University, Teresa went on to work in the entertainment industry for twelve years as a motion graphics producer. Don’t know what motion graphics are? You’re not alone. Think TV titles like Desperate Housewives (associate producer) or promos for your favorite TV show. She knows her budgeting and scheduling, but her heart lies in writing, which brings us to The Storymaker's Journey. So far she has placed in several screenwriting competitions for both features and TV, including: the 2011 Slamdance 3rd Place winner for her TV spec of Dexter, a Big Break semifinalist for her feature The Engagement, and a couple of Austin Film Festival second rounder placements for other TV scripts. But now, she’s decided it’s time to go beyond the writing and get these stories on the big and/or little screen. Go along on this storymaker’s journey to see if she can get her feature Reviving Jillian on the big screen, and join her fellow storymaker, Emily Shaffer, to get their web series, Not-So-Super…Powers, up and running on the web.




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